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05 May
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Darondo - Didn’t I.

I would dance to this song at my wedding if it weren’t about a breakup.

11 Apr

Sean Spillane - Distracted.

Trying this Spotify embed thing because this song isn’t available anywhere and it’s too good to not be my new favorite song.

So we watched this movie The Woman this weekend, which is the latest movie adaptation of the latest horrific novel by Jack Ketchum, who Stephen King calls the scariest man in America. It was really a disturbing movie and the acting was bad - like porno bad - but the soundtrack, my god, the soundtrack. The soundtrack made the movie. This guy Sean Spillane (who is Sean Spillane?) created all the songs specifically for the movie, and they’re all in different styles, and they are all really, really good.

I hope it translates, but if not just try and imagine really terrible violent things happening while you listen.

Also, I HIGHLY recommend the whole soundtrack. Here it is on Spotify and on Amazon. I’ve listened to it probably 45 times in the last 3 days.

06 Mar
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Grimes - Genesis.

I bet you $20 you can’t not get this stuck in your head.

Sorry about the double negative, but it couldn’t not be helped.

15 Nov
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Twin Shadow - Tyrant Destroyed.

As if it wasn’t enough just to hear you speak, they had to give you lips like that.”

30 Aug
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The Sounds - Yeah Yeah Yeah.

Found by Bez. Stuck in my head since then.

29 Aug
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Tom Waits - Long Way Home.

If anyone was wondering, yes, I would go out with Tom Waits. Just putting that out there.

19 Aug


Whiskey Shivers - Gimme all your lovin’

Oh my GOD I love this so much.

I don’t have a download link, but you can buy here.

(Source:, via mayafish)

18 Jul
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The Beautiful South - Hot on the heels of heartbreak.

Full disclosure: this has been my favorite song for 100 years, it’s not new. Sorry for all the lies.

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14 Jul

Now with 100% of the original songs to date, because Spotify is awesome and lets you drag in whatever you want! Magic!!

28 Jun
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Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr - Skeletons.

DEJJ is like if Paul Simon and Sufjan Stevens had a baby that was more talented than either of them. Basically the Rumer Willis of music.*

*Just kidding. Sorry, Rumer Willis.

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